Thursday, September 20, 2012

Best Best News and Bad News

This is a post involving more social media platforms then I've ever mentioned in a single post before.

The other week I discovered my post about my Caturdays Kittens sweatshirt had been re-blogged on the Caturdays blog! (and a scant four days after posting).  I can also be found on their "Team Caturdays" board on Pinterest.

My Kittens sweatshirt is always a big hit, so much so that my Mom posited that perhaps the whole family needed one (meaning one per member, not one for the whole family).  BUT (here comes the bad news) a visit to the Caturdays website revealed . . . that there is no Caturdays website anymore!  So I tweeted them (So I have a twitter account?  Yes.  @steadilymobbing.  When I get my iPhone 7 I intend to become an avid tweeter, until then . . . well, I've composed 21 tweets in three years, so . . .) to inquire as to the status of their enterprise and Sadly, yes.  Caturdays has closed up shops.  But they told me they had some stock left over and to PM them about it.

I have yet to PM.  And I have yet to follow up with my family about if we all need Kittens sweatshirts. Really I just wanted to brag that I had been on the Caturdays blog and make this a #menswear blog.  But I couldn't keep my mouth shut and had to type the whole story.

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