Monday, November 07, 2011

Best Weekend's Photographs

So Saturday I was walking around the neighborhood, taking pictures and stuff.  Maybe some of this looks familiar from other posts?  Oh well.  It's just my hood.

Ran into Steven and Amelia walking down Crosby, we dipped into Saturdays together.

Cereal box photo?

What's that?  It's my record player!  I went up to St. Mark's on the Bowery to get it back from Reghan.  She kept an eye on it for me for a couple of years.

This made me think of DMX.

One of these apartments looks like more fun than the others.

Town House porch.

How come no one told me the Canal Street ACE station was full of crows?


Side of Jeffrey said...

D - M - X - WHAT?!?

Collin Mapp said...

I think you should have a weekly photo caption write in contest. And there could be prizes. Like, the winner gets a free life time subscription to your blog.