Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Best Saturday Afternoon Open Studios

Another sunny Saturday morning/afternoon in my neighborhood!

I walk all the way up Bleecker (and beyond) on my way to Elijah's house.

Puffy coats and cigarettes and wondering which way to Magnolia Bakery.

After breakfasting at Elijah's (which would have been a good time for a picture or two) went up to Hunter College's open studios for the fine arts students.

This spooky automaton rolled around the gallery on his own.

Found myself standing in front of a projection of a dancer dancing in front of a projection of a dancer.

Spent a bit of time trying to find Erik's studio space.

A candelabra candle.

Found him.  There's Erik.  Brothers of brothers-in-law sizing each other up.

Man with a sword gets a laugh.

And I did.  And this is why I have a clown nose in my bag now.

Time to go!

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