Thursday, November 17, 2011

Best I Have Brought This Upon Myself

You may remember a few months ago when I excitedly posted the trailer to Breaking Dawn.

I still don't know if I posted it out of genuine enthusiasm or a condescending sense of humor.

And I don't know if my joy was genuine or ironic (sheesh) when this billboard appeared on my corner last month.

And did I actually make sure to pass this display of costumes and props from the movie at the Lincoln Square Loews or just happen to happen to pass by it last Friday?

And now I've got my opening night ticket to Breaking Dawn pt. 1.  I think I'm going because I want to take in firsthand the full force of Twilight fandom.

But what if I actually want to see the movie?

I can only promise you a report by Monday.  Who knows what it will contain.  An answer to these questions?  Or just more questions?


Bek said...

I'm going tomorrow with the biggest fan in the world. Let's compare notes next week.

Dad said...

Rotten Tomatoes 27% positive. Splat. Of course I'm going anyway, but not tonight. How embarrassing.