Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Best Whatever, Dudes.

A month or two ago I got an email from this fellow saying he was writing an article for the New York Times style section on Mormon Hipsters and that he had a few questions for me.  For a while I really meant to write him back, but in the end I never did.

His hard-hitting, ground-breaking look at Hipster Mormons has just been published.

It is a so-so and skin-deep as one could expect, perfect for New Yorkers who don't realize that there are Mormons in this city and that the Mormons in the city might not fit whatever uninformed stereotypes they may have of them.   I read some of the emails Francesco sent the writer,  they were good.  There was a lot more to his input than hiding his hair at BYU and riding his bicycle around Brooklyn.

Really what I'm doing is biting my tongue here.  Remember when the NY Observer ran its article on Mormon youngsters in Manhattan?


Kristen said...

You could have been quoted! You should have written him back! I love that you are an expert on being hip and Mormon in New York.

Madison said...

I felt the same way and did the SAME thing as you! those questions (and my answers on more than what I wear) just languished in my inbox, and thank goodness since the article turned out a half-way attempt to "expose" mormon style when the juicy stuff to expose is all so much deeper under the surface. ugh.

amy said...

I like the rebel tips at the end. All these years of trying to "get around" garments and modesty- now I finally know how! Blouses...with sleeves...a lightbulb turned on in my brain! Nice investigative journalism, NYT

The Broadobalds said...

Do these horn rimmed glasses distract from my cloven hooves? I hear bold colors and horizontal lines can really help hide that pesky third vagina.

Thanks, newspaper guy, for the tips and tricks on how we Mormons can "blend in" with "real humans".