Monday, October 10, 2011

Best Bombing of Broadway

Have you heard about the Broadway Bomb?  It's this annual thing where skaters skate down Broadway from Morningside Heights to the end of the island.  This year I happened to be right in the neighborhood when it came by Lincoln Center.

A herald.

The skating masses . . . there were a lot of them this year, probably took ten minutes for the whole armada to pass through.

Some pedestrians were amused, others quite perturbed.  There was no crossing Broadway while the Bombers passed through, it was like impossible Frogger.  A Frogger beyond anything George Castanza's could dream.

Lazy bandit.

I know that dude.  For real.  "Occupy Broadway."  I like it.

And that's Josh.  I know him, too.


And finally, Jeff.  And right behind him, B Swiss.

I watched the Bomb with Cassandra, remember when I met her in DC?

And who did I find just across the street? Jenn and . . . shoot.  The girl on the right.  What's her name?  I always forget.

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Grace said...

Oh man I should i have texted you! We came down for this and I had a feeling we would see you around there somewhere. There were so many people there!