Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Best a Few Things and also Manhattan Bridge

This looks like the apartment of a good neighbor.

By my house there is this big new supermarket that's like the Chinese Fairway.  It's full of mysterious things that I don't know if I'm allowed to photograph.

I feel like I've been eating the wrong instant ramen.

In my apartment: Evidence of my youth.

Sunday afternoon I set out to walk to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge.  This is my neighborhood.

And this is my bridge.

Before crossing it I was distracted by a dragon.

To the bridge, now.

And you wonder why the Brooklyn Bridge is so much more popular?

Who is this guy?  I see him everywhere.  Everywhere!

And this guy?  I never see him anywhere.  Anywhere!

Andy lives over there.

No respect for the builders.


Ah, Brooklyn.

(that would be a kickball game, if you couldn't tell)


Rae said...

Brig, you are funny. "Everywhere. Everywhere!" Haha.

Collin Mapp said...

I like your photographs. They're always good.

ajlounyinjurylaw said...

All good things including the gremlin.

Tyler said...

i love the photos!