Monday, October 03, 2011

Best More Recent Listenings

Araabmuzik, Electonic Dream

So this Araabmuzik fellow is a producer that has been making tracks for Cam'ron or something?  But this is an album of electronic music that sounds new while referencing the electronic music I knew in my late-teenage years: gabberhouse my senior high school, happy hardcore my freshman year of college (among others).  This record is just good listening, good over and over listening.  The whole things sounds dark and shiny, like an all-black Lamborghini.  The new one.  It is good to listen to at work or while doing chores.  Here are some chores I can recommend doing while listening to this record: folding laundry, putting away laundry, washing dishes, sweeping, picking up your room.  Chores I would not recommend doing while listening to Electronic Dream: Probably not mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, or scrubbing the tub.

St. Vincent, Strange Mercy

So good it'll make you listen to the older St. Vincent records again.  Let me throw this out there: Is Annie Clark the American Bjork?  Discuss.

Wavves, Life Sux

Having read a few negative reviews of this EP I was hoping to end this post with a one line review: "Wavvesy done fell off" (to echo my Carter IV review from last time) but actually I like this thing.

Youth Lagoon, The Year of Hibernation

I've listened to this record three times and I couldn't remember anything about it.  So now I'm listening to it a fourth time and I don't remember anything except for this bass-heavy part of this one song called Daydream.  But just because you can't remember something doesn't mean it's bad, right?  This is a pretty good little record, very small . . . but not insignificant.  Like Piglet.  All right, that's my new take on this: Youth Lagoon is indie Piglet.  I would not recommend this record for headphone listening but it would be good for at home in your room listening.

Additional Recommendation: If you hadn't heard of Holy Ghost!, read my review of the Holy Ghost! record last time and decided to give them a shot and found you liked it, might I suggest Washed Out's new-ish record Within and Without?

Additional Recommendation #2: If you're not content with just coming to my blog for yesterday's reviews today, you should follow, which features weekly mixes of what is brand new and good at that very moment.


alex aulelio shahan said...

youth lagoon. win.

Name here. said...
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Casey Lewis said...

yeah. youth lagoon review takes the prize.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Just saw Youth Lagoon on Friday and talked to him for 20 minutes after the show. Very nice guy that Trevor Powers. I think a reason it might not be memorable is the inability to understand lyrics. But I looked them up and now I can't get 17 and July out of my head.