Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Best Well . . .

My happiest Apple memories are from when Steve Jobs wasn't even with the company. Mainly I'm talking about my surprise gifting of a PowerBook 520c Christmas 2004 (wish I could find that picture somewhere).

Man, I look at pictures of that old laptop and just feel too much love. I don't think any Apple device ever made anyone happier, and the only thing its screen did when you touched it was get blurry.

But there was that time in 2003 when I was at the few-days-old Pasadena Apple Store and Mr. Jobs was there, having a look around. I asked one of the Apple Store workers "Is that Steve Jobs?" and they said "Yes." I stared and stared. Black turtleneck, blue jeans, water bottle.

So it goes.

My Apple timeline (including family computers):

Macintosh Plus, 1986
Macintosh SE, 1987 or 88
Macintosh 520c, 1995
Some LC or something that we had at home when I got off my mission ???-2000 (we couldn't have had an SE for 12 years though, right? There must have been something else. But all during High School I had the Plus in my room and used it for everything)
G3 Desktop, 1998-2003
Family got an iMac, 2000
Titanium PowerBook, 2001-2006
Family got that iMac that looked like a lamp, 2003 or so
Owen's PowerBook while he was on his mission, 2006-2008
MacBookPro--the redesign, 2008
Family got a hot iMac, 2010

Let the record show, we were Macintosh OGs.

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M said...

my favorite apple memory is playing logo on the apple IIe's at elementary school.