Sunday, October 23, 2011

Best Maybe Consider Watching This?

A few weeks ago I found out that there is this TV show called Happy Endings.  At that it is so good.  Because it is so funny.  Last week's episode was great and I think a fine introduction to the show.  So I'm posting it here because maybe one of my readers, or even two, deserves a 21 minute break.

Maybe you need more info before you click that?  To make you want to click it?  Happy Endings is a show about six friends who live in Chicago.  The first episode started with two of them about to be married before the bride left the groom at the altar.  So sometimes the show is kind of about the fallout from that, but usually it is about funny situations or storylines. (You know, like TV shows always are.)  This week's episode is mostly about vision boards.

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