Monday, October 17, 2011

Best Eating Rampage

Our buddy Andrew came to town last week (and he's still here).  We've done a lot of stuff, including eating.  For now, let's talk about this eating.

(Took that photo while trying out a Leica 50mm Summilux at f/1.4.  Now I've got a brain full of lenses)

Wednesday night we had dinner at the Noodle Bar.  Some of the new things we tried were this Heirloom Tomato, Shiso, Ricotta and Avocado salad--very good.  An all star.  Let's go get it again.

Brussels Sprouts with Spatzle, Sausage, and Mustard.  Very nice.  A lot more sausage than I had expected.

And Hanger Steak with Grits, Gruyere, and Cipollini Onions.

Thursday night we ate at Great New York Noodle Town.  Ginger scallion noodles and roast pork.

Oh and chicken and vegetables and pan-fried noodles.

Then ice cream cones.

Friday night we had pizza.  No pictures.  Too much fun.

Saturday morning: Homemade made at home sourdough French toast.

Saturday night: Ssam Bar!

Plate of Benton's Smoky Mountain Ham.

Pork Buns.

Unexpected superstar of the meal: Swiss Chard in XO Sauce.  When the vegetables were gone I felt quite desperate to find something else to eat the sauce with.  They wouldn't give me any rice.  They used to do that.  Ssam Bar, you've changed.

Pork Jowl Terrine with pears and beans and stuff.  I liked it but I did not understand it.

And Pork Shoulder Steak with like, cauliflower and some other stuff?  This meat is always so good, I don't know where they get it, but it is nice nice nice.  And salty.

So yes.  It has been good eating.  And a lot of Momofuku, wouldn't you say? (there might have been a second trip to the Noodle Bar in there, maybe) I hear Andrew might have lunch at Ma Peche on Monday . . . that would be three out of four in under a week . . . could we possibly be going for a Momofuku full house on this visit?  Is that even possible?  Is that what could be happening?

Stay tuned.


Sharon said...

ha i really like the self portrait picture of the ice cream cone. i'll have to use it for something. your photos are pubic domain i hope.

LaurenHoya said...

i really want to eat all of that. ALL of it.