Wednesday, July 06, 2011

It's Always Better on Holiday VII, pt. 3: Disney Studios

Well, if you know Collin you've probably heard that he finished grad school and got a job at the Disney Animation Studio.  On Friday I went over there to meet up with the fellow, get shown around the studio, and to try to figure out what it is he does over there.

Inside the studio I wanted to be a good guest, so I dared not take any pictures of any of the wonderful sights I saw.  But I saw wonderful sights!  And met wonderful people who get to love their job all day long and do what they've always dreamt of doing.  And I saw Collin's desk and storyboards for the movie he's helping out on.  Yes, Disney Animation was the wonderland you'd imagine it would be.

And then we went to the Disney Commissary.  Here I felt comfortable taking pictures.  And showing off the food.

We both had sensible salads from the salad bar.

And I tried Walt's Chili, available every day because Walt Disney loved this chili.

After lunch we walked about the Disney Studios lot a bit.  This is a corner long ago dubbed Pluto's Corner by the old Disney studioworkers.

Can you guess why?  I'm not going to spell it out for you.

If you're ever looking for Pluto's Corner, it's where Dopey Drive meets Mickey Blvd. or Ave.

Then we visited the hall of legends,

And impersonated dwarves.

If you are a Disney legend, you get this statue.

And if you are Walt Disney, you get this statue.

But if you're Roy you get Minnie.

After the Hall of Heroes, or Legends, or whatever it was we went into this one studio building and saw lots of costumes from great Disney films or ABC properties and spent half a minute in the Disney Archive, their in-house library of all things Disney.  One could certainly spend a lot of time in that archive.

Then we walked the lot a bit more, I joked that this was the pet store from Pee Wee's Big Adventure.  But maybe it was?

Open doors.

They are not subtle about where you are when you are there.

And then I had to run back to Pasadena, but I certainly would have stuck around all day if I could have.


Bek said...

those are my guys right there.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Any post with Collin in it brings warmth to my heart.