Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Best Embellishing

Motivated by Lucky Peach magazine, my bowls of instant ramen have grown even more complex.

What you've got there is (and a lot of this is hiding beneath the surface):

  • one package of Sapporo Ichiban chicken flavor ramen.
  • a generous helping of roast chicken
  • a bunch of bacon fat mixed in with the broth
  • ample scallions
  • a Thai chili
  • several handfuls of spinach
  • a pretty much failed attempt to soft boil an egg
Results: I want more
Bonus Tip: Recently discovered that Pearl River Mart in Soho has the city's best stock of exotic instant ramens for the absolute lowest prices I've seen in town.  Sapporo ramens are just 60¢, as opposed to 95¢ at M2M or $1.25 at my local bodega.

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