Friday, July 15, 2011

Best News for Your Feet

As you know, along with being a design blog and a baby blog, Steady Mobbin' is also a Menswear blog, and so its with great pride and excitement that I post about the launching of the Chuck Butler Supplies website, your one stop shop for socks for real men and slingshots.

In other words what I'm saying is: Remember how you heard Jeff Butler was starting his own sock line?  It's on.  The socks, the full first line of Chuck Butler 876857 socks, have burst into the world.  Expect a review of what it's like to wear a pair (or, who knows, five pairs [but not at once]) of Chuck Butlers here soon.

Also, make sure when you visit the Chuck Butler Products site to click on everything, read everything, and not to miss the page about his custom-made flags.


amanda jane said...

nice. kind of love these.

Side of Jeffrey said...

I really loved the personal stories and humor woven into the website.

bex said...

how can i buy some of these? i know a boy that needs his feet hugged in some good old fashioned quality american socks.

bex said...

i asked that question too quickly. the answer is - "just buy them on the website."

its like i've never been on the internet before or something.