Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best I Guess It All Ended

Last night I saw Harry Potter & The Last Harry Potter Movie, pt. 2 with Jeff and Chaunte.  As you might know, I am not a Harry Potter aficionado.  But I wanted to see who would die and I wanted to see the epilogue when all the kids are in the their mid-30s.  The epilogue did not disappoint!  They all looked so mid-30s.  Also, I like Nevil Featherbottom.  Someone tell me more about him.

After the show we said "Hey, there's three of us, there's three people on that poster, Jeff has glasses . . . let's take a picture" but it was too embarrassing to ask someone to take it for us.  So here's two pictures.  If you look at one and then the other really fast it will create the optical illusion of there being one photo, a group photo, where we all look exactly like the Harry Potter characters.

But here is my serious Harry Potter question: What does Valdemort want?  What is his goal?  Is he just mad at his old school?  Get over it, Valdemort.  Life goes on after High School.  I wonder how mad he is at his wizard university if this is how mad he got at just wizard K-12.

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M said...

first thing i can tell you about neville, his last name is actually longbottom.

second thing i can tell you about neville, i've met him and he's a cute, polite british kid.

third thing i can tell you about neville, he dances in HP4 and it's pretty much adorable. and the whole theater went crazy because he and crab were in the audience with us.