Monday, July 18, 2011

Best the Internet Has Broken

UPDATE: TOTALLY FIXED.  Nevermind.  Unplugged and replugged the router 99 times and on the 100th time, everything was fine.  Let's say Skot fixed it.  But I'm leaving up this post as a testament to my quick-acting friends.

We have three laptops in my apartment.  Two can't get on the internet, one can.  My laptop is one of the ones that cannot get onto the internet.

Looking at the laptop that can get on the internet, it has a completely different IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask, and Router number than mine (not that I know what those things are, I can just see that they're different).  It has a different AirPort ID number, too.  But we're connected to the same wireless network.

I have manually changed my IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask, and Router number to be the same as the laptop that works, but I still can't connect.

The working laptop is running a more recent version of OSX, 10.6.8 vs. 10.5.8.

Any ideas?


Skot said...

First thing to do in a situation like this is unplug the router, let rest for about a minute or so, and then plug it back in.

Robert said...

Don't change your computer's IP address to the same one as the one that works, but to another address in the same range. For instance, if the working computer's IP address is, you can try or something like that.

Two computers on the same network cannot share the same IP address.