Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Best Fathers' and Sons'

Thursday morning Dad came to New York.  Why?  Because he wanted to have vacation.  With me!

I was working so he had to adventure on his own all day Thursday, but I met him for some No. 7 Subs.  On the left, Roast Pork with cheddar, melon, Chinese mustard, and shishito peppers.  On the right, Dill Chicken Salad with bacon, marinated tomatoes, and potato chips.

That night we had dinner in Brooklyn at Dressler.  None of my pictures really turned out, but trust me, it was good.  I had a little deep-fried quail for my appetizer.  It looked so much like a softshell crab that I kept trying to eat the whole thing.  Meaning: I kept trying to eat the bones.

Friday night we met for dinner at Ma Peche.  We split the 32oz porkchop.  It was kind of like eating a never ending pork bun.

We also had this vegetable dish where the veggies came suspended in a clear jelly.  Because of course they did.  Science food!

Saturday morning, getting strength from a MilkBar pistachio and almond croissant.

Then we took a good long walk through Central Park.

What is this giant line?!

Oh yeah, duh.  Shakespeare in the Park tickets.

Here I am at the Turtle Pond, really I'm not mad to be there because you can see so many turtles!

And here I am in front of Belvedere Castle.  Or in other words, here are practically the same photo, just from different angles.

Inside the castle.

Blah blah blah, beautiful Central Park, etc. etc.

Then we went to Go Go Curry for one of our best meals of the trip, Japanese curry.  Dad was very pleased with the authenticity.  I was very pleased to find myself at Go Go Curry again.  And to have a please father.

Heading up to Times Square via 8th Ave.

Checked out the I'm a Mormon billboard.  I felt like a goof.  I thought it was all lit up and and had videos?  Come on, are we trying to make a positive impression here or not?

But why were in a place as terrible as Times Square?  To see Anything Goes, which I was excited to see because I liked it when it was our high school musical one year.  And although this picture is to make a big deal that Sutton Foster was in it, what really made me excited was that Lucille Bluth was in the show playing (basically) Lucille Bluth!

For dinner we went to the Gramercy Tavern which I had never been to before.

Yeah, turns out that this restaurant that's so famous for being one of the city's very best is actually quite delicious.

Porchetta salad.

Even better, the fish stick salad.

Mushroom lasagna for dad.

A wonderful, wonderful meatball for me!

Desserts, now things are getting serious.  Cheesecake for me.

Incredible peach pie for Dad.  And I say this as a person who doesn't particularly care for peaches!

After dinner we saw Midnight in Paris.  It was great, I knew it would be great.  It was Dad's second time seeing it, that's how bad he wanted me to see it.

On our way to the subway we bumped into Grace and Hyeku and Chateau and Chris and Molly.  And here's Grace.  I was glad Dad could see I had friends, I hadn't offered any evidence up to that point.

Sunday after church: Out to Queens for M. Wells.

Waited a bit for a spot.

This looks too calm.  It was a bit of a madhouse in there.

Caesar salad with a little cheese on top.

Click, read the receipt on the left.

Dad's grilled cheese sandwich.  Looks good, right?  It was delicious.

The secret ingredient?  Thick slab of foie gras.

I had the Spaghetti Sandwich and they gave me exactly what I ordered.

Coffee cake.

I wish I could come up with a mnemonic device to remember what stop to get off at in Queens for M. Wells.

Then we tried to walk some of lunch off by walking from 59th and Lex to my house.  Through the park, of course.  This summer's installation at the corner?  Not as thrilling as some years.

Good dog.

The Mall: Properly shaded.

Dad ran up on top of this rock.

And then we explored a kind of secret pondside path.

Learned the word for this.  No, it's not "canopy" or something like that.  There's a different word.

Showed Dad the Curious George I discovered.

Went home, watched a little soccer, and then had to say good bye.  

Thanks for visiting, Dad.  It was a great time!


Sharon said...

Here's my one comment for te week: theres two Mormon ads in time square... The digital one is on the other side of the street facing those red stairs everyone climbs up. The Mormons share the digital space with a random company and a movie. The pattern goes something like this: random commercial, Transformers ad , random commercial, MORMONS!, transformers, random commercial, etc.

Brigham said...

I'm glad you used your comment to let me know how bad I blew it with the Mormon Ads. Sorry, Dad. Guess you have to come back.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Gramercy is indeed deliciony. Everything else you ate bsides Dressler is new to me. Looks like I need another NYC trip this year.

Dad said...

I did see a digital Mormon ad on taxi TV on my way to La Guardia. I was surprised. It was a great vacation. Thanks Brig.