Monday, July 25, 2011

Best Field Test

Last week I got my first pair of Chuck Butler socks.  Never had I seen a pair of socks packaged with such care.

And here they are in all their unfurled glory!

I pulled them on, the hugged my feet closely but lovingly.  I could feel the quality American craftsmanship coursing from my heels to my toes.  And also up past my ankles.

Moments of Note from my First Day Wearing My First Chuck Butler Socks:

  • Walking around during lunch, I subconsciously think, "Boy, my feet feel nice."  And then my conscious mind laughs at my subconscious mind for not remembering it was wearing brand new Chuck Butlers.
  • During this same walk I bump into a follower of Brittany's blog who innocently remarks that she had seen Jeff's socks on her blog.  I tell her I'm wearing a pair.  She is so taken with curiosity she pulls up my pant leg a bit so that she can get a look at these fine socks out in the real world, hoping to catch a glimpse of the trademark flags.
In short, it is time for you to get a pair of Chuck Butlers yourself.  I will not make outrageous promises to you about them changing your life, but I can promise you that you will be comfortable and that people will stop you on the street for a better look at them.  And I'm a man of my word.


Side of Jeffrey said...

I'm waiting until my birthday in a month. My feet are ticked they have to wait so long. Grrr time!

Miss B. said...

was it katie? love it.

Brigham said...

The answer to that question is "Bingo!"