Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Angry Dad

Mostly what I want to say about this week's Friday Night Lights is: I would not mess with Vince's dad.  The guy who is playing Vince's dad? This week he did some real acting and I liked it.  Chilling transformations from guy who's just trying to be a family man to guy who's seen some stuff and back again.

But I'll also say:  At first I was thinking about this episode and thought, "Ehh, pretty normal FNL" but then I realized "No, way different FNL."  Julie has been getting in dumb situations, as she often does, and the Taylors have been dealing with it, as they often do, but this week the Taylors were like "What in the world are we going to do?" and Coach was, for the first time in five seasons, without a wise answer to give and basically at the end of his wits . . . he even had to leave practice early and was late to a game.  Can you believe it?  And this episode even fooled with well known FNL conventions, for example: Vince had a problem weighing on his mind, so we see him walking up to that Taylor house one night, this is what Coach's players do, afterall.  They show up at his house at night to talk about their problems.  But Vince stops short at the door, he realizes this isn't a problem for Coach, or that this is a problem Coach can't help him solve.  So he leaves.  How is the problem resolved?  Please See Above Screencap and accompanying paragraph.

So, yeah.  Friday Night Lights Season Five: Still moving along nicely, 6 episodes in on a 13 episode season.  Basically we're nearly half-way through the final season and things seem to be on track and well-paced for an excellent finale.  Little clues are being dropped (without any subtlety) of what we can expect at the end of the season, I don't have a problem with any of it.

Oh, and this was my second Friday Night Lights post of the week?  No biggie.  Just getting caught up.

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