Thursday, December 02, 2010

Prologue to an Eventual Better Late Than Never

Regarding the new Kanye West record:

1.  You shouldn't have to listen to a hip hop record, particularly a major release by a gigantic artist, six times before you know if you like it or not.
2.  I appreciate that this is an album, that it is not 24 mostly filler tracks interspersed with a half-dozen skits and blessed with two good singles.  I am glad that it is 13 songs with just one skit.  But these are some really long songs.
3.  I don't know if this record has any hits (I'm not into POWER) but it definitely has a couple jams: lead-off track Dark Fantasy has one of the best RZA beats I've ever heard (after 4th Chamber or Triumph) and Monster is a monster, I won't argue with that.
3.5.  I wish to add that I like that pvc pipeish drum sound from the beat to All of the Lights.
3.75. New Update, 12:32 AM: I'm going to bed with Lost in the World stuck in my head.  This might be the track that turns me around on this record.
4.  Otherwise, ehh, I don't know.  Still listening.  I can hear all the effort that went into the record, like a big budget movie where you can see the hundreds of millions of dollars on the screen I can hear the millions that were spent making this record.  But do I have to listen to this six times before I know if I like it or not?
5.  But here's the definite Pro of this album: I can see it influencing other rappers to think further outside the box and I can see it infuriating and inspiring more innovative rappers and producers to aggressively push their sound forward.  What I'm saying: this record might make rap better.
6.  Best Rhyme: "Too many Urkels on you team/That's why your wins low"
7.  But my Conclusion: Not as good as Janelle Monae's ArchAndroid?

Highly Recommended Reading:  This Complex magazine article on the making of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: Illumintaing, maybe even fascinating?

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