Friday, December 03, 2010

It's Always Better on Holiday VI, Pt. 7: What's Hot this Season at the DI

After donuts, Kat and I went over to the Sugarhouse DI to see what was happening in the t-shirt section.  No purchases were made, but some decent sights were seen.

Bring it, messes.  I've got my Bounty shirt.

Classy, should have bought it.

This rattlesnake was puffy, a dangerous, 3D rattlesnake.

Sorry, Kat.  The reason you don't understand the 3 Stooges is because it's a guy thing (if you click this pic it might make more sense)

If the front of this shirt doesn't make any sense to you, don't worry, the back will clear everything up . . .

Get it?  Get it?

Another one I should have bought.  I really, really should have bought.

This pictogram stumped us, but this much I know: Okay Player is the Roots' record label, Questlove has an afro, Questlove puts picks in his afro . . . there is something going on here.  "I afro Question-Love"?

And my first bicycle was a Kent bicycle.  So there's that.

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