Thursday, December 09, 2010

Best I Have Good News!

Guys!  Tonight I saw an advance screening of Green Hornet, which comes out next month.  I found it to be highly entertaining and just plain surprisingly good.  It was funny, like as funny as an extra-comedic Indiana Jones or a toned-down Pink Panther movie, without being a parody and had good action, excellent action, actually.  Cameron Diaz was neither too prominent nor too annoying, Seth Rogen was convincing, in a way, as a reckless rich kid who decides to become a hero, the Korean pop star that played Kato totally stole the show (you should have heard the enthusiastic post-film chatter in the men's room re: Kato), Christoph Waltz played a fine villain—both menacing and humorously maniacal, and Michel Gondry nearly directs this one totally straight . . . there are a few stylistic flourishes, but everything is pretty under control.  In fact, I probably could have gone for a touch more French weirdness.  In a sense this movie sort of has it all: if you just chill, you'll find yourself smiling the whole time and, quite possibly (as many members of the audience did) clapping or cheering more than once.

I would accept a sequel to this film readily.  The leads had good chemistry, I would be happy to see what other sorts of adventures they have.

Worth Noting:  Our screening was in 2D, but the film is being released in 3D.  There really weren't any scenes that had me thinking: If only that was popping out at me!  However, the closing credits were clearly commissioned after the decision to switch to 3D was made as they were clearly meant to be all up in my face.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering about all of that. Pretty much your post answered every single one of my questions. You are a good Brigham. -Cher

M said...

happy to hear it. i was worried considering the january release date.

Brigham said...

Yes, there were a lot of shall we say Yellow Flags for this movie but I'm telling you to Green means Go!