Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Best Reason to Cross the Hudson

Friday night my favorite movie theater (the Loew's Jersey Theatre) was playing my favorite movie (Muppets Take Manhattan) so a PATH train ride was a must.

The Loews Jersey is a beautiful old movie palace restored and run by volunteers. They show movies there about once a month, popcorn is a dollar, you can't beat this place and I want to show you some pictures of it.

This is what it looked like after the movie ended and they raised the screen--the giant speakers that had been blasting Kermit and Piggy's voices at us all night.

The organ--before each show there's a dude playing it and they lower him into the earth when the movie starts. You can't beat this place.

Looking back.  This place is gigantic, and there's a balcony, too.

Looking up.

Also looking up.

Looking back.

Heading upstairs.

This is the Men's room.  I can only imagine what the Ladies room looks like.

Chandelier and lobby.

Chandelier and lobby, unobstructed.

This organ you can't touch.  So maybe I could have touched the other one?

More upstairs.

Steven and Jeff, discussing Muppets with excitement.

For the record, before the movie Cher and I had Filipino food there in the neighborhood.  It started out pretty well, grew more challenging towards the end.  Very authentic, though.  That's my guess.


Side of Jeffrey said...

It's also a great place to see a concert when they have them...

Bek said...

me want fooooood! that looked good. come and take me out.