Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's Always Better on Holiday VI, pt. 6: I'm Up in the Cottonwoods

Last Monday I went for a morning walk from Grandma's house to that park near Grandma's and back, snapping photos until the battery ran out.  Here's a few.  Would this count as a photo supplement?  I suppose it would.

Here begins my three-part Snow Falling from a Backstop Series:

Primary Photography Lesson Learned from this Walk: Man, it's hard to get your exposure right when everythings bright, white, and snowy.  Might be time to learn about neutral density filters, too.


Tai said...

You can see my parent's house behind and to the left in the photo of the visitor sign. Small world.

erin nyc said...

Oh Hey Tai (how are you guys??) I was just coming on to comment that you can see my basketball hoop in one of the posts. We used to spend many a winter days in that park. Awesome post.