Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Best We Killed a Mouse

Back in December Chad got a Christmas tree. Shortly thereafter, we began seeing a mouse in the house. Did the mouse come to us via tree, like Chip and Dale? That's what I believe.

The mouse, it would appear, it would disappear. We had glue traps for a while, nothing happened. But about two weeks ago the mouse started getting real cocky. One night I was getting a midnight glass of water and it walked out from under our dish rack and stared me I tossed my water at it and knocked it onto the floor.

To deal with new cocky mouse we got some traps and started keeping carving knives in the living room in case it came running through as it sometimes would. Could we have actually killed the mouse by blade if the opportunity presented itself? Hard to say.

But I won't ever have to say because last Thursday afternoon I was in my room when I heard Nate yell "Dude!" (btw, Nate is my new roommate, he replaced Chad, this all happened in January) and I ran to see that, wow. One of our traps did the job.

For a minute we felt victorious, for a minute we boasted to Spence about what he had missed, but soon we started feeling bad about our dead friend. A little.

Anyway, here's a link to a picture of our dead mouse. WARNING: THIS IS A PICTURE OF A MOUSE SLAIN BY MOUSETRAP! Click if you dare! This picture was taken an emailed to Spence before we started feeling bad about what had happened.

Now, if you're actually reading, I have something else to tell you.

There was a second mouse! I wasn't home, but Thursday night my roommates were chilling in the living room when some teeny tiny little mouse (not the start of a family, right?) wandered into the room and just sat chillin' on the floor. Feeling less murderous, Nate ran to the kitchen for a bag to scoop it up with. The mouse began to scurry and Spence put down his foot to block it off but, well, stepped on it instead. My poor, gentlehearted roommate totally killed cute little tiny mouse #2!

And those are my terrible tales this Wednesday. Happy St. Patrick's Day. No parade for me, I'm on assignment (that means working).

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Bek said...

i hate mice! i hate 'em. come and kill mine, please.