Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Best Movie You Should See that You Probably Can't See

Last week I saw this movie called "White on Rice" here in the city, it was playing for one! week! only! at the BIG Cinemas, a curious Asia-oriented one screen theater in the shadow of the Roosevelt Island Tram (imagine if your Grandma had a big, nice house and that house was a movie theater and you've imagined the NYC Big Cinema quite well). I saw White on Rice because my cousin that I don't know made it and because the trailer was pretty good.

White on Rice tells the tale of a divorced, 40 year old manchild living in the basement of her sister and her husband with his 10 year old nephew. There's a story, mostly about the hero trying to fit in and find love, but it's not as strong as the characters or acting. The film is pretty funny and it's good natured without being completely toothless. Basically it's an hour and a half version of the trailer, and I mean that in a good way. There were some good gags and jokes that I wish I could share with more people...I should have friended the dozen people that were at the screening with me.

I don't know where else White on Rice will be playing or when it will come out on DVD but I give this a hearty endorsement as something deserving a spot in your Netflix queue.

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f*bomb. said...

Man, am I ever glad to see someone else endorse this film! I settled for watching the trailer about 14 times and forwarding it to my friends. I really wish we had more Asian-American storylines that had less to do with being Asian and more to do with well-developed characters and respectable acting.