Friday, March 26, 2010

Best Movie I Did Not See Last Night

Since when is it impossible to get youtube videos to fit nicely on a blog?

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I had tickets (well, reservations, if you want to get technical) to a test screening last night that started just a little too early for me to comfortably sneak away from work (or, better said, a little too early for me to comfortably walk away from the two hours of pay I'd be missing), but I'm very curious about this movie. It's based on a comic I could barely stand reading one volume of, but the cast seems pretty strong and now there's this trailer. I can't tell if all that comic-booky stuff will drive me nuts or win me over--but I am impressed by how much the actors look like the characters from the comic book without looking too much like characters from a know what I mean?. Another important question: will this be the last movie where we can stand to see Michael Cera play Michael Cera, or was that point passed a while ago? OR can that point never be passed?

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Jeffrey said...

I think it looks fun.