Friday, March 19, 2010

Best Help Resolve a Controversy!

Thursday night, a major wager weighs on the question: How many jelly beans, tossed by Aubrey, can be caught by Nate? And from this wager has risen a rift that very well may tear this apartment, and the apartment across the hall from it, in half.

Desperate to restore peace to the 8th floor again, I beg you to watch this video and answer these questions:

1) How many jelly beans does Nate catch in his mouth in this video?
2) Does Aubrey throw the final jelly bean before Spence calls time?

Please comment below, or on the Vimeo page (it's bigger there). A serious prize hangs in the balance.


Lyd said...

Hello! I'm a stranger, but I'm here to vote. I believe there were 14 caught, meaning the last throw should count. It was leaving Aubrey's hand right as Spence said stop. It's really close to call. If there can be no consensus made this might have to be solved by having you guys pay for their french toast and then have Aubrey and Nate leave the tip or something...

Brigham said...

Hmmm...I think we were expecting to create a slightly larger internet sensation than this. Anyway...

Lyd, what if I told you they needed to catch 15 jellybeans? So you have established that the last shot was good, but they were under par.

Also, for the record, I had no part in the wager. I was an innocent camer man.