Monday, March 15, 2010

Best I Went to a Concert

Fueled by an enthusiasm for their songs "The Afterlife" and "Psychic City" plus pangs remaining from not having been able to get tickets to the xx/jj show, I impulsively and enthusiastically bought tickets to see YACHT (Yacht?) back in January. The show was last Thursday. It was my first visit to the Bowery Ballroom in nearly three years.

I guess the show was good. Not very beknownst to me, Yacht puts on a, how to explain this? A mildly cultish show? Like, a Scientology spoof? Or something? For me the creepiness of fake New Agery eventually exceeds that of proper New Agery and, in reflection, I'm left feeling unsettled about the experience. But the music was bumpin', that can't be denied.

BUT this can be said to the credit of the show: Openers Bobby Birdman and MNDR were both excellent, I don't think I've ever seen a concert where every act, start to finish, were so consistent if not solid. It was certainly a night for fat beats.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

Its really good to see you reporting on a concert again. For a while there, I thought something inside Briggie had died. Butthole Surfers wasn't your last concert, was it???