Monday, March 08, 2010

Best There Was a Party!

It's been so long, hasn't it? Since there was a party? Seems like it, at least.

The party? Carol and Steven's Combined Birthday. The Theme: Throwback Birthday Party! What is a Throwback Birthday Party? I am still not positive...but it seems to mean you dress up as a year from before. Most people came 80's or 70's, I think that was the main idea...I came wearing what I did in 1996. Get it? Get it?

Steven, the birthday boy (the one in the tank top, but you knew that).

And from here on out its amigo after amigo (for example: Chaunte, Chris, Suvi)

And the throwback treats

And the dancing

Coincidental matching outfits.

80s Rock Stars

Dancers dancers dancers

Nothing at all creepy about that mustache, Amber.

80s ladies, I assume

Back in the day I used to hand my camera off to Collin and he'd paparazzi that parties real well. This seems like a great time for me to say that gave Audrey my camera to cover the party, she also did real well.

There's Jeff and his new camera, he's put it to work already on his blog. the's Reyn!

The 6'3"s (and whatever Jared is) raising the roof and running into a ceiling.

And back to the dancing.

And now we got Broek, Monica, and Claire up in this piece.

It's good to have Jared back in town, dancing a little, letting go a tad.

Just keeping it real into the late late dance time hours.

So thank you, Carol. Thank you, Steven. Thank you for having birthdays, thank you for being awesome, and thank you that there was a party.

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