Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Best I've Been Tagged!

UPDATE: All these photos and many more can now be seen at Emily's blog where she gives the Christmas parties of last week proper attention. Link

When I logged onto Facebook this morning I saw that I had been tagged! Four times! In photos by Emily! "Oh my," I thought. "These must be pictures from some of the various Christmas parties of the past few weeks." And they were! I looked at these pictures and thought, "Boy, I like to mug, be caught off guard, or look cheesey."

See for yourself:


M said...

you stole my thunder. i still haven't posted them on my own blog yet. but i have take a while so i probably deserve it.

Cindy said...

Um...I don't think that link works at the bottom of your post. My favorite poses are the mugging poses.

M said...

thanks for the link. although i hope you know i was just kidding about my previous post.

i am also glad that jeff's reading-level determiner does not figure in comments because i am pretty sure "i have take a while" has at least 2 grammar errors.

Pamela said...

That is the most heinous picture of me in the history of blog appearances. Thanks, Emily.