Monday, December 17, 2007

Best Big Reveal

Thanks for all the 7 yr old girl input, everyone. Friday after Temple I went down to Toys R Us and did the best I could...I wound up buying a doll of Giselle from Enchanted and some Littlest Pet Shop animals. Deciding on these two items was not easy, I found myself near tears as I wandered the crowded aisles of the store with the weight of a young girl's Christmas on my shoulders. Since I didn't know much (or anything at all, really) about my girl I'll admit it, I wondered if I should be buying a white doll or not but I figured since it was a doll based on a character from a movie skin color wasn't an issue as it was a representation of a semi-person...I just have to hope that my girl has seen or heard of Enchanted, that's all.

Also, going into Friday, I knew I wouldn't be getting any Bratz dolls because I'm not going to play that large of a role in the downfall of society.

And I couldn't get any High School Musical stuff because I don't know what that movie is about so there's just a disconnect that I struggle with.


Collin Mapp said...

I wish I was a 7 year old girl.

M said...

both excellent choices, santa. i'm sure you'll be making some little girl very happy.

btw, i'm sure you of all people will be happy to know that i gave my recipients (boys, of course...i agree that they should have done a better job with gender matching) transformers.

Tannerama said...

Awesome choice with the Amy Adams doll.