Saturday, December 22, 2007

Best Supper

Tonight I made myself some aglio olio spaghetti. With about $2.00 (generous estimation) worth of ingredients I have produced a pound of fairly decent food. When poverty calls, this will be my meal. Now I must deal with garlicky fingers, though. It seems every recipe I get involved with these days requires the slicing of many, many cloves of garlic and the slowly cooking of that garlic in olive oil.

Tomorrow I think I'll try to develop a new hamburger. Tomorrow or Sunday. This is what I do when no one else is in New York!


niall said...

Cooking it in a mixture of olive oil and butter gives it an amazing flavour (British spelling!)- I recommend it. Also, if you want rid of garlicky fingers wash your hands in cold water (you don't need soap) and/or wipe your fingers on the side of the stainless steel sink in the kitchen that I presume you have. Et voila! Non-garlicky fingers. It works!

Brig said...

That's exactly what Heloise said! (about smelly hands)