Thursday, December 06, 2007

Best Good Enough for Me

So, if a fellow has got a miserable beastly cold keeping him under its thumb all day long, how should he spend his Wednesday night? Rolling dough and decorating Christmas cookies? Why not!

Jane from the Ward threw a little cookie making party and I discovered that I love making cookies just about as much as I love making cards. I just flatten out the dough, empty my mind, and see what I come up with. Just let the creative energies flow through me, you know?

Cookie #1: Errr...I started cutting dough and the idea just came to me. (she got a little cracked in the oven) I guess my long drive to Nauvoo left me longing for the road.

A tray of freshly baked cookies. There's one of mine in there, you'll see it all frosted later on.

Everyone was having the best time making cookies, these photos are barely exagerations of the fun being had:

Cookie #2: The cookie decorating process, it causes in me a lot of artistic strife and worry.

But the results are worth all the anguish. (Come on, it's E.T. You couldn't tell?)

Collin felt a little collaborative and made an Elliott.

Ellie was working on cookies like all the rest of us...

But then I turned to her and, what? She had soup? Where'd that soup come from, Ellie?

And where was Hillary the whole time? Slaving away in the kitchen!

Leaving her glasses unattended! Ha!

Cookie #3: We started making cookies for each other and this was my Jordan cookie. Looking at it now I realize that I frosted the wrong side. D'oh!

Hillary and I with the cookies baked in our honor. (Clearly we didn't consult each other on what sort of faces we'd be making for this picture. I just wanted to look happy, that's all.)

Jane puts the finishing touches on a wrapped present cookie w/ bow.

Totally unrelated: Our first President, looking regal.


Collin Mapp said...

I think my cookie looked like General George!

Mary said...

That ET cookie looks delicious. Mmmm.

Brig said...

He's sitting in my fridge all by himself. Maybe I should make an internet contest where someone can win my ET cookie? Or maybe I should just give it to you, Mary, since you're the one that thought it looked delicious...but if you're Mary Cox you can't have it because you're in London and it's probably impossible to ship an ET cookie over there.