Thursday, June 07, 2007

Best Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before

Beware. This belated post might look nearly exactly the same as Cindy's post from the same day...but I promise you these are all my own pictures from my own camera.

Anyway. First of all, did you know my building has a roof deck now? I used to read real estate listings for the John Adams that boasted of a furnished roof deck and would think "Lies!" at the sight of it but this last month it became true. We've got a roof deck! And some members of the 12th Street Guitar Hero Fanciers' Association have already deemed it the finest in the city! I'll admit it is fun to have a view of downtown, midtown, Jersey, the village, AND the private decks of my building's top-floor apartments.

One problem with the deck: Excessive cell phone use by inconsiderate sunbathers. This second warning should fix everything, though.

All right. Now for the day's main activity. Cindy, Rebecca, and I trekked out to the Redhook Ballfields to put those Latin American food tents to work. But first, we had to get to Red Hook, which requires a visit to New York's highest subway stop.

When you see this mural you'll know you're in the right place.

So, yes. The Redhook Ballfields. There were a lot more white people there than the first time I went but I can't complain as I was there with the man that wrote the article that blew the lid off this place for Manhattanites as he researched the article. I forged my own undoing. But really, it still wasn't that crowded and the food was still disgustingly delicious. This trip I sat down with a spicy pork huarache and it nearly did me in. But I managed to have a bit of taco (too bad it was from Mexico and not Ecuador) and an elote, too.

Let's go over what makes an elote so delicious: the corn is grilled, then slathered in mayonnaise, then coated with queso cotija and dusted with chili powder and finished off with a squeeze of lime. The first time I saw one being made in Mexico I was like "No, no! You're doing it all wrong!" (in my mind) but now I know that I was the one who had it all wrong.

Now, my fellow frequent frequenters of Casa de los Tacos: It is summer. It is time to get serious. Let us set aside our nighttime journeys to East Harlem for Saturday afternoons at the ballfields. It is the right thing to do. Just sitting around on the grass, watching the soccer games, talking about going to the public pool nearby. Awesome.


Cindy said...

Whhhhhhaaaaaaaaatttttt? New York's highest subway stop, you say? What an interesting tidbit of information about this fascinating city.

That huarache really was tasty.

Bilaeva said...

what's on the corn? looks heavenly and terrifying all at once! is this food available every Saturday?

Brig said...

The Redhook ballfield stands are open every Saturday and Sunday all summer long.

I have now added a description of an elote to the post itself.

Heather said...

That elote looks sooo good. Jim used to have it in Mexico and loved it! Yum...

Once I was in Chicago visiting friends and they took me to their roof-top terrace where I learned of a terrifying new creature.....high-rise spiders! Yikes...does your building have those or did my friends make it all up and their building management was just too lazy to clean up the man-eating arachnids?