Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Best Concert of the Summer, the Update

Hello readers. Clark & Michael Episode #4? Hmm, I don't know. But 3 out of 4 isn't bad. or, "ain't bad", as they often say. I hope saying that doesn't mean I'll lose my link on their homepage.

Anyway, the other night I finally asked Jeff a question that had been welling up inside of me despite my efforts to ignore it. The Question: Would his early-August wedding date mean they would not be making it to the Daft Punk show on August 9? The Horrible Answer: Yes, they would not be making it to the Daft Punk show on August 9. BUT I was informed that they had tried and tried to plan their wedding date around the concert but nothing else worked. I salute that.

Last night I found this little video of Daft Punk droppin' "Da Funk" at the end of a show in Miami. Watch just a bit of it and you'll see why this is a band worth trying to plan your honeymoon around.

Just listen to the poor little camera not be able to handle the bass when the song kicks in. Awesome. I know many of you have tickets to the show, but I wish all of you were going.

(YouTube searches will net you an abundance of this sort of goodness if you're hungry for more)

PS Here's the Original "Best Concert of the Summer" post. Link


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - that decision was so hard. When Caitlin emailed and told me her sister was going to be in town from Singapore around Aug 4th and the temple was closed on later dates...I could sense it coming. I asked one question, "how do you feel about going on a honeymoon a couple of weeks later?"

She said it would be fine...but in my heart and hers, I knew it wasn't. I had to give up the Punk.

karisa said...

briggie, that video made my heart leap. jenna, did you see that? did the baby in your womb go nuts? i bet your little Skeletor went berzerk, dancing around with his little skeleton body.

Tannerama said...

Oh man, I am so glad that I have Tickets to that show... I hope that the airfare comes through.

I thought that the camera actually did a fairly serviceable job of getting all the music.

Mike Lemmon said...

I am curious: is there any original source to "_____ out of ______ ain't bad"? Some googling turns up a Meatloaf song for "two out of three", but surely there must be something earlier. Or is it just one of those sayings that comes out of the ether?