Sunday, June 03, 2007

Best Completing of the Circle

As you may have learned from Cindy, or perhaps Rebecca, we all went and saw Pirates 3 last Wednesday night. And as you may have also learned from Cindy, or perhaps Rebecca, the three of us saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie together on opening night back in 2003.

BUT what Steady Mobbin' can add to this excess of coverage is photos from that night that we saw Pirates at the Scera in Orem!

The night began with a bunch of familiar faces chowing down at the El Azteca on Bulldog. Everyone was talking about seeing Pirates that night and I was like "I don't know, I really should get back to Salt Lake tonight."

But eventually I stopped being lame and decided I was down with the midnight Pirates excitement.



Cindy and Rebecca.

There was a pirate costume contest that went on way too long before the movie. I was a staunch supporter of the pirate with the accordion.

I crashed at Cindy's that night and in the morning Marsha made me a quesadilla with shrimp on top.

Okay, now let's fast forward back to Wednesday night. During the movie I started to crave Taco Bell, so after the show the visitors and I made a little Taco Bell stop.

How rarely do I order quesadillas. Wait. Holy cow. Watched Pirates 1-->ate a quesadilla. Watched Pirates 3-->ate a quesadilla. Can you believe it?


Cindy said...

Shane and Jen didn't go with us, did they?

This post has so many cute pictures of me! I'm stealing them for my linkup profile!

Brig said...

The Holmeses did not go to the show. I think I came up from Draper with them and my car was at their house...that's one reason that I was hesitant to stay in Provo. But Erin drove me to their house the next day on her way to see Mr. Sanchez.

It's all coming back to me.

bex said...

I love these retrospective posts!!! It is like traveling to the past, and realizing that my history teacher was right when he told me that history repeats itself.