Monday, June 25, 2007

Best Days of Future Present

Here at Steady Mobbin' I sometimes pride myself on bringing you the hottest and most important news on the hottest and most important trends. Less than 12 hours after my Baconator post of last night I bring you My First Baconator Adventure!

Where should I start? Should I start with the fact that my Baconator came wrapped in two wrappers?

Or that by this point I had already been overwhelmed by the smell of bacon?

Or that I wasn't really sold on the Baconator until I read it came with mayonnaise? (But really, can't you smell the bacon just by looking at this picture?)

Or should I just say that the Baconator...was amazing?

But don't just take my word for it...have you ever noticed that girls love Wendy's? Chauvinists, relying on outmoded notions of who loves meat and who loves salads and Frosties, would suggest the Baconator is a sandwich for men, an attempt by Wendy's to get guys to go there once in a while. Well here's clear photographic evidence that the Baconator is beloved by women as well!

Even if it is hard to keep all that cheese out of their hair.

In closing, I'd like to suggest declaring a moratorium on jokes about the Baconator making you die played out. It's not really that big, and yes, it's 850 calories...but if you skip breakfast, basically you just need to have a Baconator for lunch and then a sensible dinner, there you are. You've had your 2000 calories, you've received the energy necessary to keep you living one more day.

Now go, my readers, go and get your own first Baconator.


Cache said...
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Cache said...

i don't know of a man who loves cats more, brigham. have you come to terms with this yet?

Cindy said...

Why did I choose this last week to go on a diet?

brack said...

i had one. i only give it a 6 out of bacon-tastic. i'd take an elvis sandwich over the baconator any day.

Brig said...

As I finished my Baconator I began to imagine what it might taste like were it made by a fine establishment and the bacon were thick and crispy. I wanted to call up Houstons and ask if they kept bacon around.