Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Best Various Information

In absolutely no chronological order, here are some happenings...


In the PM, Collin and I headed up to East Harlem because it had been so long since the last taco. When we got there it was clear that our voyage was perhaps not properly planned. We arrived just as Pre-Puerto Rican-Day Parade festivities were winding down. If wars were happy, it was Fallujah up there. I think Hot 97 should be held liable for the millions upon billions of flyers snowed out through the streets. (And I do not wish this photo to be deceptive, it was not one street that had been barricaded off for partying, it was blocks and blocks.)


A joyous reunion, Jenna was in town for the weekend.

And I know, I know, no cellphones on the roofdeck, but this is me being briefly reunited with Karisa.


Common interests lead to the blossoming of a brilliant new friendship.

Monday (8 days ago)

Former fellow wardmember Jon Tarbet ran a musical performance at this church beneath a skyscraper. Not the same as our chapel.

(The St. Peter's Lutheran Church lives beneath the Citibank Tower in midtown. They were the original owners of the land, but they sold to Citi with the caveat that there could still be a church, so the tower is sort built on stilts and the church fits in under them. Err. You sort of need to see it yourself.)


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

The Puerto Rican Day Parade ruins lives...and engagement photos it turns out.

Cindy said...

Oh sure, the weekend I'm NOT in New York Collin is everywhere.

Two Clazzy Ladies said...

I still dream of jalapeno mac and cheese. It was SO good to see you Briggie!