Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Best TV Shows: Flight of the Conchords & Clark and Michael

The best TV shows I've watched recently (meaning: in the last 24 hrs) have both been on the internet. And they were really good.

First, last night I received two emails within the same hour encouraging me to watch the first episode of HBO's new comedy series, "Flight of the Conchords", which is available online. Flight of the Conchords are a pair of fellows from New Zealand who sing funny songs and now they're going to have a tv show this summer on HBO about them coming to New York and trying to become famous musicians. Anyway, the first episode (which, I don't think I've yet mentioned, is available online) was really funny.

Here's a song that they sing in the first episode:

Now Click Here to Watch All of It!

(also, by the way, these same fellows have a movie coming out soon called "Eagle vs. Shark" which looks pretty funny, too. Trailer)

Second, this morning I finally watched a very important internet show called "Clark and Michael." "Clark and Michael" refers to two young actor/writers Clark Duncan and Michael Cera and now they have an internet tv show (I think it's through an arrangement with CBS) about them being young actor/writers goint to Los Angeles to sell a show. The first two episodes are online now and I watched them in reverse order and they were great! I cannot wait for more and more episodes from these guys. I'm getting the idea that every character Will Arnett plays post-Arrested Development is going to be GOB and that might eventually get tiresome but I think I could never get mad at Michael Cera for being George Michael. Watching this little internet program I can't help but be astounded by how cool and funny these kids are. It makes me feel like I grew up wrong. I should have auditioned for more Nickelodeon stuff.

Here's a preview montage:

Now Click Here to Watch All of It!

PS I don't want this to be a post that you read (which I know can be hard for you if there aren't any pictures and even if there are pictures you probably don't read many of the words and that's why people think I went to Salt Lake this weekend) and then think "that's nice that Brigham found things on the internet that he liked." NO, I really want you to watch these internet TV shows because I want your days to be happy.


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Trying out for MORE Nickelodean opportunities insinuates that you have tried out for ANY. Please fill in details about that part of your youth

Smash said...

Both of those previews made me laugh out loud even though I'm all alone in my house. So, yes, I WILL watch those shows online.

Beats looking for part-time jobs.

Also, I had that same thought about Will Arnet after seeing him in Monster In Law and then in Blades of Glory. But, GOB's character is still funny to me, so I'm not going to get too bent out of shape about it.

Brig said...

Jeff-You fell for my trap.
Smash-I only fear I'll eventually think "Yeah, yeah. You're GOB, I get it."
Everyone-I got mad hits today because a link to this post wound up at the top of the list of links on the Clark and Michael website. Holy cow. The internets. They're watching us.

Cynthia said...

his name is clark duke. just saying...

Erik Schark said...

I totally agree with you that these shows are great. Michael Cera has actually done quite a bit of interesting made-for-internet stuff. He's all over YouTube.

Anyway, my suggestions for other internet shows for you to watch (and they are legion):

Something To Be Desired
Ask A Ninja
It's JerryTime!
Mr. Deity
the burg
WestAcre TV
Break A Leg

and for something completely different:
Heathens - set in 1846 Texas, local men have sex with a wild woman in exchange for their teeth

k8 said...

i watched Flight of The Conchord this morning at work instead of actually working. If my company only knew how happy i was afterwards they would want me to watch a half hour of TV at the start of EVERY day.

Brig said...

It's shocking how near perfect Flight of the Conchords is. How much does HBO cost? And I am sick with anticipation for tomorrow's new episode of Clark and Michael (that's when they come out, on Wednesdays, right?)

Also, just found out that FotC are playing in New York tomorrow night. I need to be more on my toes about knowing these things...but, oh, I don't know. Am I as down with concerts of funny songs as I am with TV shows featuring funny songs?

Mike, help me out.