Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Best Concert in Ten Months

Unless anyone can think of a show that I forgot about, its been a long time since my last show (which I'm pretty sure was that rather special Franz Ferdinand concert last April [By the way, let me be honest: my post on that Franz show was one of my most-epic posts ever written. You ought to read it if you never had, or read it again if its been a while]). But Saturday night I went to !!!'s record release party in Greenpoint. The show was held in a loft on the second floor of a building about 10 blocks from the nearest subway stop (off the G line). To get to the loft one had to walk down a dark passageway between buildings, up two flights of stairs lit only by candles, out a door, across a fire escape, pass through a little room and then finally enter the large space where the party happened. And the show started at pretty close to 1 am.

It was dumb luck that I found out about this show, dumb luck that I got tickets, and dumb luck that made it there and back alive. Fortunately, the band put on a stupid-fun show. The whole thing was totally New York. And the singer danced like Snoopy. Too bad I don't have a picture or video of that.

The loft where the party was held was a little odd. There was a ram on the wall, toothbrushes in the bathroom, and there was this forest backdrop up.

And for those keeping an eye on the rave resurgence, the band's final number was an extended techno jam, a total departure from the band's all-instrument sound on "Louden Up Now."

Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Myth Takes", the new !!! record, is really really good.

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