Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Best Celebrity Appearance

I started my President's Day off right by going up to the Lincoln Square
Barnes and Noble to see Bob from Sesame Street read some stories and sing some songs. The place was packed full of kids and I couldn't even get a seat! Figures.

It was an event to raise Downs syndrome awareness. He read a good book
called "We'll Paint the Octopus Red" that taught us that there's pretty much nothing you can't do with a little brother who has Downs syndrom if you're willing to be patient and help them And then he read/sang a story called "Everybody Asked About You", but I didn't stick around for all of that one.

Would you believe that Bob is 75? I thought he looked a little old when I saw him, but not that old.


Brig said...

No, I don't know what the problem is with the spacing of my paragraphs.

Niall said...

I never asked! I think it is beautiful.

Casey said...

Did you realize that Pete Townshend (of the Who) was also there Brigham? His girlfriend Rachel Fuller was performing some songs she co-wrote with Melissa Riggio to promote Down Syndrome Awareness. Pete was there as moral support.

But Bob is pretty cool too!