Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Best Worst Time Not to Have Camera

These are things I didn't photograph this weekend.

1) Bauhaus at the Nokia theater.
2) Marsha being in town
3) Eating Indian with Marsha and other BYU artists
4) Going to "The Top of the Rock" with Marsha and the other BYU artists.
5) Seeing SO MANY (two) shooting stars from on top of "The Top of the Rock", one of which burned up in color (does that mean it almost destroyed the earth?)

Seriously, "The Top of the Rock," the "new" rooftop observatory at Rockefeller Center gets a total two thumbs up from me because it isn't crowded, it's clean, the elevator roof is see-through, there is lots of room, you can see the park, and the workers (even the cashiers!) are all nice.

I've never been to the top of the Empire State Building, but I'm sure "The Top of the Rock" is better.

1 comment:

marshall p said...

I've been to both so I should be able to make an informed decision (in fact I've been to the top of the former twin towers so my decision should be really extra informed), but here's the thing... I'm really bad at evaluations.
I liked the top of the rock for all the reasons brig liked it. I liked the ESB 'cause it was taller and it was my first time.