Monday, November 21, 2005

Best Putting the Tease in Teaser

Here is the teaser trailer for next summer's Superman Returns. It is a trailer about anticipation. I'm giving this movie a gold star already, and I think it'll deliver (unlike you, Roll Bounce, who lead me to dream but turned out so blah.)

Also, horses must be held when it comes to learning about my mysterious weekend.


Cindy said...

I saw this trailer at the Cinerama before Harry Potter. I felt really good about it.

My horses are going wild!!!

marshall p said...

wow. Jesus really IS magic.

ian said...

I hate to agree with you, but I got really excited when I saw this trailer in the cinema. It looks really well done.

I never liked Superman (being a Batman fan myself) but when I was 14 I read "Kingdom Come," a miniseries about an alternate timeline in which Superman and the other "metahumans" inadvertantly brings to pass the apocalyptic future described in the Revelation of John. That sold me on him. Personally, I think they should do a film about Superman as a middle-aged man; there's more pathos to that, I feel. But this one looked really good.

It did seem too overt in its attempts to evoke the parrallels between Kal-el and Christ though.

Tannerama said...

I felt that I should comment this being in my part of the secret garden of geekdom known as comic books.

I really want to see this movie bad. Really bad. After seeing this trailer I went and watched all the production video blogs of director Bryan Singer and it just got me more pumped and the only shabby thing about being psyched for a movie is the wait seems excruciating. 2006... sigh it cannot come soon enough. X-Men 3? Yes, please. Superman? Sure. Why not?

By the way, I also thought it was an analog for christ until I remembered that Superman was created by two jewish dudes.

Brig said...

Hey, but Jews know all about looking forward to a Messiah . . . and I think someone like Superman is more in line with what they expected, maybe?

Also. I think Batman is a hero for youth, but as geeks get older, we can appreciate Superman more, get caught up in his mythology and different sort of mystique.

I read Kingdom Come on my mission. It was excellent. Too bad we don't live in a world where studios will find it profitable to make movies about middle-aged Supermen, or, even better (and dare I even suggest it?) adapt the Dark Knight Returns.

How come nothing really interesting has been done with Batman since 1986? (or was it 85? 87? I was young)

Tannerama said...

Batman the comic or batman the movie. Because both have had some pretty cool things in recent memory. in the comics there was the "Hush" storyline which is the quintessential story for the big time fans and the uninitiated. And Batman Begins was the bomb diggity. You can't even deny it.

I suppose that Superman would be a little more along the same lines of the judaic expected messiah.

I really appreciate Superman. Granted he hasn't had an interesting story in heaven knows how long. But, I always liked Superman. Because, he is like the best person everyone wants to be. Selfless, nice, and totally buff.

I read a couple of comics on my mission... I had trouble sleeping that night.