Thursday, November 10, 2005

Best Sign that the End is Truly Upon Us

Stolen from an article in Variety:

Fox has cut Arrested Development Season 3 down to 13 episodes from 22 (as opposed to the trimming of Season 2 from 22 to 18) AND has pulled the show from their schedule, presumably just for the remainder of November sweeps. So maybe they'll bring it back in December?

Or maybe Fox will finally have the guts to just kill the show?

Not that I like the idea at all, but I'm going to take a stand and say that Season 3 has been off so far for me. Yes, yes, each episode has had its funny parts (particularly the Godzilla battle conclusion of "Mr F") but Episode 3 ("Forget Me Now") has been (in my book) the only episode on par with the best of Season 1 or 2 and I'm beginning to wonder what purpose Rita could serve for the show besides showing off that they got Charlize Theron to do guest spots. She's certainly not as compelling a character as Marta or even ditzy Ms.

Five episodes into Season 1 we had experienced the brilliant pilot, "Top Banana", "Bringing Up Buster", "Key Decisions", and "Charity Drive" -- not a bad episode among them. Episode 4 of Season 2 was us "Good Grief," possibly the very best episode of the series. Sure we can hope that the next episode of Season 3 might match "Afternoon Delight"'s brilliance (okay, "Afternoon Delight" also might be the best episode of the whole series), but I must admit I don't count on it.

The whole show is getting too wacky and feeds off its supporting cast in a manner like the Simpsons started to after, what, 10 seasons? Sure, it usually seems great, but if you come home to find your roommate busting a gut over the Season 1 DVDs, you'd realize like me that this show is pretty so-so these days.

I had to say it. Sorry.


Natalie said...

What!!!!!! I am totally devistated! This really ruined my weekend.

ian said...

I echo your sentiments. I appreciated the "Wee Britain" and "For British Eyes Only" bits initially, but they've long since worn out their welcome.

And Charlize Theron is entirely unnecessary. The revelation that her character is an "MRF" did nothing for me--I don't even think I cracked a smile.

I got the feeling that Fox put pressure on them to crank up the wackiness. Maybe this is a desperate attempt to KEEP the show from being cancelled on their part? Or an evil plot to legitimize cancelling it on the part of Fox? Only time will tell.

And "Afternoon Delight" is the best episode, hands down.

Anonymous said...

but didn't jason batemen have lumps removed from his throat and they put the show on hold for that? also you didn't think MRF as mentally retarded female made all of charlize's appearances so worth it? that explains the hats.

Brig said...

They put filming on hold because of Bateman's throat surgery . . . but if they're pulling the show because of his surgery, why don't they just say it?

It is funny when the CIA agent say "That explains all the hats" but was it really such a revelation?

Anonymous said...


Brig said...

I guess I knew she was stupid, but I didn't realize she was retarded (Rita-rded).

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

I'm pretty sure several of us had decided she was retarded or "slow" from the first time she showed up on the program.

I have one point of arguement for you Brigham - although I agree that Season 3 as a package has definitely wained, do you understand the implications of you just letting it get ripped off the air without a little Briggie rampage? You are basically saying to FOX "FOX, I endorse some of your other really, really, really crappy programming because it is staying on air while a still good show (AD season 3) is going bye bye".

I really think that for the love that A.D. has shown us up til now we should stand up for it. Otherwise, we've let the terrorists win (I'm not sure how, but I have a hunch they are behind this...maybe because they talk about Iraq in the show)

ian said...

Yeah, she seemed a little strange and a little slow: it wasn't actually a "revelation." That was my point, but I guess I should've put quotation marks around it in the first post to make it clear.

And let's face it; the terrorists have *already* won. That's why the show has declined in quality and that's why they're getting rid of it.


Brig said...

I should have said something about all of anonymous' hats.