Monday, November 07, 2005

Best Unimpressiveness Turned Mildly Noteworthy

As I was walking to school Friday morning Mario Batali zipped by me on his Vespa with a person dressed in blue riding on the back. I see Mario all time, so I don't even count him as a sighting anymore . . . but this morning I was reading Stereogum and discovered that the "person in blue" riding along on the Vespa was REM frontman Michael Stipe. Apparently Mr. Batali is interviewing Mr. Stipe for a new Sundance Channel TV series.

So, I don't know, that's a slightly neat thing to see in the morning, right?

Here is the Stereogum post that filled me in.

Come on, you know I'll post about almost anything.


Genevieve said...

Sandra Bernhard was in the elevator at my office building this morning. That was a bit of a surprise! Why down here on 23rd street... we think she was going to see her therapist. Does that surprise anyone? Thought not.

marshall p said...

Sandra Bernhard went to my high school. too bad you didn't know, you could've asked about it.