Friday, November 04, 2005

Best Batch of Trailers

It's Friday. You're at work. You don't care about work. It's Friday.

Maybe spend the day watching movie trailers online?

King Kong The big official trailer has arrived! Hmm. I've watched it twice, the only thing that I really like is when Kong beats his chest before rushing the T-Rex. Otherwise, sorry . . . no strong reaction here. Of course I'll see the movie, of course it'll (probably) be great, right?

Final Destination 3 Oh man! Look at all the grody ways people are going to die in this movie! "Ah Snap!" indeed.

Underworld Evolution Sometimes if you make a sequel to a movie but don't really want to add a number to the title a good thing to add is a word to the original title that's kind of coool sounding, like "Nemesis" or "Exodus" or "Genesis" or, in this case, "Evolution." Oooh. It's Underworld . . . but Evolved!

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World Have you ever heard people who are "in the know" talk about Albert Brooks like he's the very funniest man to ever have lived? Like, the funniest, funniest guy ever? Supposedly he recorded some comedy album in the 70s that doesn't exist anymore but it's lethally funny . . . allegedly. Silly how I only pick up on the teeniest tiniest bit of funny in this movie, like maybe maybe maybe funny?

The Producers If you're in a movie theater with someone who has never seen the musical version of The Producers and then they see this trailer that person will say "Wait . . . this is what The Producers is about?" Yes, apparently this is what the Producers is about. I predict this might be the movie where people stop caring about Will Farrell.

Okay. Wait. I have to stop doing this for two reasons: First, my computer is going agonizingly slows. Second, all of these trailers look really unimpressive. As I try to not bum people out or act too snobby on my blog, I can't keep putting these movies down. BUT I've got to do one more, one more that I can't ignore:

Curious George Oh no. Nice hair, George. Nice music, Jack Johnson. If I were the sort of type to say "You have murdered my childhood" I'd say to this movie that it is murdering my childhood.


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Hopefully Underword Revolution hasn't evolved like Matrix Revolutions - cause then it will just plain be downright lame from the core on out.

Cindy said...

Uma Thurman looks HUGE!!!!!!

marshall p said...

the original movie of "the producers" was my former roommates favorite movie ever so I have all these lines from it permanantly embedded in my brain like, "I'm wet and I'm still hysterical". I can't imagine it being all that funny w/out Gene Wilder.