Thursday, February 10, 2005

Best Continued Growth in Fame

Homegirl Rebecca Gholdston's conquest of the Known Universe continues. Are you ready for the amazing? (This really mostly applies to people who actually know Rebecca.) Check out this Onion point-counterpoint, and scroll down. All the way down. Unbelievable. Fortunately for me, Rebecca sent me an email warning me of this occurrence . . . had I discovered it myself, my brain would have probably exploded from amazement.

Don't get it? You see, the picture of "Sally Toefer" is really a picture of my/our pal Rebecca that was taken of her by Onion operatives at some Bay Area function. To me, that is wild. And don't get confused, Rebecca isn't actually working for the Onion, just modeling for them.

Remember when Rebecca came to New York, way back at the beginning of October? That was a great time.

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