Thursday, February 17, 2005

Best New Cultural Experience (a.k.a. You Better Be Sitting Down, 'Cuz Steady Mobbin' is the Future)

Tonight I went to Chipotle with Mike and Kurt to totally bro it up. But when we got there, a strange sign asked a question that stopped me in my tracks:

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"Ever try a Taco?"

Hmmm. Taco? Hmmm. Taco. I dug deep into all of my bravery and decided to give one of these "tacos" a try, just this once. That's just good policy, to try a food item at least once and see how it goes, it's a rule I made for myself back when I lived in Mexico City. So I ordered a taco, and I ate it. How'd it go? Welcome to the future, if you can handle it:

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The verdict? Despite my skepticism at first, I found tacos to be to my liking, and I shall now consume them with regularity (which won't be so hard, considering all the tortillas I already had in my fridge that I had been using to fold around meat.)

Muchas Gracias to Mike for the animation. That's Mike's job, you know, computer animation. So now his resume reads: Time Machine, the Twin Two Towers, Return of the King, Ice Age 2, and briggie dot blogspot dot com.


Anonymous said...

The Two Towers Brig, Two Towers. I had no hand in the Twin Towers.

Brig said...

Noted and corrected. Gosh, you LOTR geeks are all the same, totally hung up on tiny little details that no on else cares about.

Basic Black with Pearls said...

Arf, Briggie! You got a code for that animation effect? Pass it on, please! My mistress, the Editor of could use that up one side and down the other! Not that I care. Labs don't really need fake animatory tricks. We are the real thing. Arf!