Friday, October 01, 2004

Best Week Full of Visitors

I've been playing tour guide/dining companion to some really fine folks this week. First off, Brother-in-Law Cory showed up Tuesday night. He was on a business trip or something. We dined at the Five Points and ate like I only usually dream of eating. Too bad he was only in town for a night, we could've done some great brother-in-law stuff.

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And then, finally, Rebecca has come to New York! (suddenly I'm remembering I never gave her online props for her great work at Readymade) As I always do, I gave her my typical tour of New York (pretty much the same tour I gave Emily Cox), starting at Peep and winding up on the Lower East Side.

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Here's Rebecca inside the soon-to-be-closed Alife501 experience. Quick! Run out and get your $180 Yellow 501's while you still can! Own the jeans that the children of Tokyo can only dream of!

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And here's the craziest thing about the week: The Rustens almost visited me this week. That would've lead to total-visitor-awesomeness-overload.

'Sleb Update After work on Monday I walked up Lafayette Street with Ben Affleck. Well, not exactly with him, but you know how it is. He appeared to be doing his best Ben Affleck impersonation and some girl who was definitely not Jen Garner went home with him (meaning I saw them go into the same apartment building together. She slipped in the door as it was closing behind him. Also, eagle-eyed Rebecca pointed out Willem Dafoe in Nolita for me. How embarrassing, to think I didn't notice the Green Goblin lunching right before me.

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Cory & Kristen said...

Wow, my picture made it onto the Steady Mobbin' Blog. I'm glad to see that (for now) I'm the first picture - however I do wish there were two pictures of me instead of that girl Rebecca. No offense Rebecca.